Small Great Things by Jodi Picoult

If a white supremacist doesn’t want the black nurse touching the newborn, and then the newborn has an emergency, what is the correct action? Baby dies, and the drama starts. This is a book full of very realistic people. Sometimes, even when ordinary people go through extraordinary circumstances, they are still boring. Advertisements

Pairs Lose: 2 Duds

Lockdown by Laurie R. King 2 stars The cover says novel of suspense… it barely kept me turning pages. multiple points of view, lots of time-jumping. Loved the Mary Russel+Sherlock Holmes novels for a long time, but the series went downhill and I hoped this new would be more like the first novels. Oh well. … More Pairs Lose: 2 Duds

A Classical Weekend

Stayed at my sister for the weekend… So many books on the shelves. And on the couch. And on the floor around the couch. And in a large canvas bag for library trips. The Steerswoman by Rosemary Kirstein My rating: 5 of 5 stars Read this book ages and ages ago, and was afraid to … More A Classical Weekend