SFF Good Times

Spindle’s End by  Robin McKinley 5 star. The princess pricked her finger, and…  Not the story you’d expect. Read all her books.  ALL OF THEM. Omnitopia: Dawn by Diane Duane 5 star. standalone book. Obsidio by Amie Kaufman, Jay Kristoff 5 star trilogy conclusion The Reluctant Queen by  Sarah Beth Durst 4 star. sequel.   … More SFF Good Times

Watership Down by Richard Adams Old, old story. Still good. Alt cover, for people who are much to grown-up to read books about animals.

The Number of the Beast by Robert A. Heinlein

So many other books referenced this one, I decided to read it. No specific spoilers, but the book is almost 40 years old. Eye catching cover, check: spaceship, pterodactyl, and the Yellow Brick Road & Emerald city. Adventure, check. Plot, sort of. First chapter: meant to be shocking. “Lets get married” after their first meeting? … More The Number of the Beast by Robert A. Heinlein