Sylvia McIvers lives in New York. She reads about a book a day – but fat non-fiction books take longer. On this site, you’ll mostly find SFF and mystery, with a scattering of other genres and non-fiction.

Sylvia thinks travel is done best within a book, since humanity has not quite figured out how to visit other planets, work real magic, or deal with shape-shifters.  She is a recovering dyslexic who still sees letters moving around the page when she is tired. Fortunately, strategies developed in childhood let her read despite these difficulties.


Sylvia writes whatever the voices in her head tell her to write. Sadly, there isn’t enough time in the day to write all the stories that demand to be written. While waiting their turn, the voices queue up in Sylvia’s cerebellum, standing in long lines and having extended conversations among themselves about world peace, and how to go about joining a reality TV show when one does not exist in reality.

Sylvia is writing a novel exploring what was happening in the world while Snow White grew up in the palace, and what the local witch thought of having a royal princess dumped in her bailiwick.

hat2 hat hat straw

Due to an unfortunate typo, Sylvia misunderstood the imperative for writers to accumulate cats, and so she has an extensive collection of real and virtual hats. Imagine her delight in googling hatnip, and finding

Princes Beatrice of York at the Royal Wedding



2 thoughts on “About

  1. Great bio. I wish I looked good in hats! I always look anemic or a chemotherapy patient (has been that way since I was a baby). One day, hats, one day…


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