Really Fun Reads

The Castle Behind Thorns by Merrie Haskell Iorich (Vlad Taltos #12) by  Steven Brust   Shadow Scale (Seraphina #2) by  Rachel Hartman The Armored Saint (The Sacred Throne #1) by  Myke Cole

Judging A Book by It’s Cover, Take II

These Broken Stars by Amie Kaufman Pretty, pretty cover. Also, good story. Youngest Space Hero Ever meets the Space Princess. Disaster strikes. Lovely presentation, with The Inquisition interrogating Our Hero at the start of each chapter (spoiler, that means he lives through the adventure) and then the chapter laying out all the ways that Our … More Judging A Book by It’s Cover, Take II

SFF Good Times

Spindle’s End by  Robin McKinley 5 star. The princess pricked her finger, and…  Not the story you’d expect. Read all her books.  ALL OF THEM. Omnitopia: Dawn by Diane Duane 5 star. standalone book. Obsidio by Amie Kaufman, Jay Kristoff 5 star trilogy conclusion The Reluctant Queen by  Sarah Beth Durst 4 star. sequel.   … More SFF Good Times