The King’s Deryni by Katherine Kurtz

The King's Deryni (The Childe Morgan, #3)The king is crowned, people are knighted, people are born, people die, people get hurt. In short, life goes on. People with magic conspire, get educated, get in trouble, try to learn from their mistakes, make new mistakes.

This is very much a continuation of the saga. Disclaimer, I didn’t read the previous books, and I’m pretty sure that I missed some of the emotional intensity long-time readers will have. However, I didn’t at any point feel that I needed information from previous books to make a scene understandable.

This is a Big Fat Book. It spans four or five years. France, Germany, Arabia (?), Scotland, and Wales are all recognizable by some of the word choices, names and place-names, although the map shows they are in unexpected locations. Everyone is very Xian, with bishops and burning in the name of purity. There are no Jews or Muslims. No Asia, no Buddhists, no Silk Road – but yes silk. Don’t ask me how that works.

There is one very beautiful act of magic… and the magician immediately has to convince his Xian friends not to kill him.

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