Small Great Things by Jodi Picoult

If a white supremacist doesn’t want the black nurse touching the newborn, and then the newborn has an emergency, what is the correct action? Baby dies, and the drama starts. This is a book full of very realistic people. Sometimes, even when ordinary people go through extraordinary circumstances, they are still boring. Advertisements

Mirka Met a Meteorite & Caught a Fish by Barry Deutsch

How would you like the witch to give you a twin – one who is smarter, better, faster than you? She’s really nice, though: she only wants half of Mirka’s life. Half her meals, half her classes, half her basketball games – how will a nice Orthodox Jewish girl get her life back? And what … More Mirka Met a Meteorite & Caught a Fish by Barry Deutsch

No Good Deed byKara Connolly 3 star tags: author-female, cover-art-enticing, hero-female, hero-rushes-around-planless, historical-fiction, palace-politics, sf-f, test-bechcel-pass, ya   The Mark of the Dragonfly by Jaleigh Johnson (World of Solace) 5 star tags: author-female, big-fat-book, cover-art-enticing, hero-brain-over-brawn, hero-female, middle-grade, mystery, palace-politics, sf-f, shapeshifter, steam-punk, test-bechcel-pass, test-johnson-pass