Happy Marathon Day!

Word Math:

If it takes 15 minutes to walk a 5-block segment, how many minutes does it take to walk 4 5-block segments?

For the longest time, the boring answer was, 15*4 = 60 minutes.

Happy Marathon Day!

15 * 4 = 55 🙂

Today, I manged to shave one or two minutes of each 5 blocks.

Google maps says that door to door should take 1:15 minutes, but I usually make it in 1:06 minutes. Today 1:00.

I would like to thank my sponsors, Boring Conversation Pairs.

I have no idea which of the pair said which part of each conversation, but when they started to catch up to me, I moved a lot faster.

  1.  I’m going to pick him up, don’t forget that it’s an international airport, yeah, you’ll need your passport, don’t forget passports for the children, of course.
  2. I’m thinking of building a wall, you know the kids are in school most of the day, yeah, if you have the kids in the playroom you really want to be able to close the door, but they’re almost never home…

I like to move it, move it…

… away from this conversation.



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