The Spark by David Drake

The SparkMom and Dad died, so Pal (seriously, that his name) sells the farm and heads off to the capital. He is a magician (maker) and fights pretty well, so he’ll just sign up to be a Champion.

Doesn’t work out so well, so he goes back to the farm – and Makes, and the Merlin-figure comes to tutor him. (Because Heros get this sort of treatment from the plot.) 2nd time, he has more success, becomes a champion, has adventures. And, aw shucks, he isn’t condoning all the immoral women-folk at court, even if the Queen is carrying on with the King’s best friend. So he’s pretty abrupt with the Lady who lies him.

PS, farm boy Luke Skywalker was adopted, wasn’t he? look out for that plot twist in this book.

Kill The Farm Boy” by Delilah S. Dawson and Kevin Hearne is targeted against exactly this kind of aw-shucks hero farm boy, but is’s a fun story.

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