Serpentine by Laurell K. Hamilton

Serpentine (Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter, #26)We interrupt your regularly scheduled relationship&wedding angst for… relationship&wedding angst, the Edward & Donna version. So… plot-related angst?

Anita shopping for a gown that doesn’t trip her up and, ps, leave her boobs hanging out. Why anyone thought she should try that gown on at all is clearly the ogling pleasure of the reader. While wearing the stupid dress, Micah calls up that there’s a new type of shoplifter that – wait for it – is serpents. Just like the book title!

Nathaniel has lost his long hair, but don’t worry, he’s still one of the girls. He loves all this wedding prep. Anita is, somehow, astonished that this is the case. Because she really empathizes with her sweety.

One of Donna’s bridesmaids is sure that (Ed) Ted is cheating with Anita, and at the gown shop tries to take a swing at Anita. Donna shuts that right down – go her – but later the aaaannnnngssssssst comes back. Is he is or is he aint cheating? Or is Anita “just friends”? This actually becomes a plot point when Bridesmaid-zilla decides to level up. Now there’s a plot-point and a half, because besides the aaaannnnngssssssst, the anger may or may not be related to some kind of … serpent like something or other? Whut? Yeah, OK, it’s a plot point, let it go.

Some plot points get a little weird. But at least the plot pacing makes more sense that some of the previous books.

Also, women are disappearing, and Olaf shows up. Hm. Whodunnit?

Hit List + 6 books later, the 4 Housemen are back together again.

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