Hit List by Laurell K. Hamilton

Hit List (Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter #20)Hate the cover, but the story is pretty good! Reread before “Serpentine”.

The 4 Horsepersons of the Monster killing world get together to figure out who is doing the gruesome killings, and if the real goal is to get Anita away from her power-base*.

Who’s in charge of the hunt? Edward tried to get a Man Marshall to sign over the paperwork, but he wouldn’t. So, Anita tried to get the (black) Lady Marshallette to sign over the paperwork, and… while she woulnd’t do it, they did have an important discussion about the size of Anita’s booty & boobs. Because that’s important.

The hunt is good, though. Olaf is delightfully awful. Bernardo Spotted Horse is still long haired and chasing skirt, with far less censure than Anita’s multiple boyfriends.

* Away from power-base = Angst is hardly there at all.

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