The Future Falls by Tanya Huff

The Future Falls (Gale Women, #3)It’s the End of the World. With Teddy Bears.

A huge rock is falling out of the sky. NASA can’t fix it. The Gale girls, witches to the bone, can’t fix it because it is Not Of This Earth. Charlie, musician-magician extraordinaire, can’t fix it, because sound doesn’t travel through space. The Gales got a heads-up, though, because they have a Seer in the family. Also, Crazy Dave talked about it on the internet. Well, there’s a sure and certain omen.

While Charlie the Bard is chasing down some music, she misses some other family news and rescues some Teddy Bears. Because I trust Tanya Huff not to put superfluous cutsey stuff in her books, I expect the Teddy Bears (or the Teddybears, the space is important) to show up in some significant way. Also because this is Tanya Huff and not some hack writer, they will show up in a totally unexpected way. (yup. they do.)

In other news, Allie the Mom is preggers again. This is a fairly serious plot point, and also leads to a running gag about Seventh Sons. (Gag is the right word. Funny once, hair pulling bad the seventh time.) It also makes Charlie wonder where she is on the Maiden Mother Crone cycle, since an awful lot of Gale Girls don’t stop off at Mother and flip straight from sort-of-Maiden to … um, we don’t use that word around the Gale Aunties. Well, they flip straight from First Circle to Third Circle without stopping off at Second. But Charlie is in love…

Did anyone pick up on Charlie being in love with the significantly younger Jack the Dragon Prince/Sorcerer in previous books? I thought she just wanted to rescue him from the Aunties. And sure, Jack had a crush on her, but that’s because she’s awesome and older than him, which means un-attainable. Gale Girls never, ever, hook up with someone more than Seven years older or younger than them. It’s too open to abuse, and while the Gales are happy to rearrange the rest of the world to suit themselves, they won’t break this rule. Never.

Older woman, younger man – but they’re both Wild Powers, doesn’t that change the dynamics? Not enough, it seems. Oh, the angst. OH THE ANGST. Not what I expected from Tanya Huff. Not at all.

Fairies. We love to hate them, but will they help?

Time Travel. Can you see the back of your own head? Some really excellent tricks, some tricks that I’ve seen before with Lessa in The Dragonflight by Anne McAffery… written in 1968. I guess everything old is new again.

Then, Charlie saves the day. Jack helps. That seven son trick? Well, that went in unexpected directions. The Teddy Bears? That was hilarious.

A very fun read, but not the magnificent conclusion to the fun Gale Girls series I had expected.

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