The Number of the Beast by Robert A. Heinlein

The Number of the Beast (The World As Myth)So many other books referenced this one, I decided to read it.
No specific spoilers, but the book is almost 40 years old.

Eye catching cover, check: spaceship, pterodactyl, and the Yellow Brick Road & Emerald city.
Adventure, check.
Plot, sort of.

First chapter: meant to be shocking. “Lets get married” after their first meeting? (I guess in 1980, Disney’s _Love At First Sight_ trope was more widespread than animated stories. We had to wait for 2013 until Elsa tried to talk Ann out of that.) Also, “I’m the Mad Scientist’s Daughter” and “Are those cantilevers natural?” as a high-class ‘nice boobs’ line.

True Love = Monogamy: It lasted about 2 months, or, as long as there wasn’t anyone else around but Dad and Step-mom. (incest taboo – lasted until almost the end of the book. Hi, Lazarus Long, please keep your Electra Complex to yourself.)

Women who are certain they are pregnant the morning after: Never explained.

Time and Space travel: has surprising hazards.

Woman computer programmer, mansplaining man: nicely dealt with.

Mansplainer not realizing he is trampling everyone’s brain: So put him in charge and do exactly as you’re told, nothing else. BEAUTIFULLY DONE. Wait for him to notice the “white mutiny”, he never does, but boy are you people stupid! Can’t you ever think for yourselves? Nope, we’re following orders.

Sentient computers: sometimes it’s just the programming. Sometimes it’s the real thing.

Land of Oz – visited! *loves this book* Add a galaxy of stars if you ever wanted to meet Glinda the Good again, along with some others.

Man who decided to be a woman: because I didn’t like being a man, being a woman fits so much better.

Let’s have a meeting with Issac and Arthur – not necessarily Issac Asimov & Arthur C Clarke. Maybe they are _ (view spoiler)_. Wow.

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