Tale of Oriel & Tale of Elske by Cynthia Voigt

The Tale of OrielThe story cheats – it fails to follow genre standards in two places! Well done.

Nameless boy, who might or might not be related to heroes from previous books, has leadership written all over him. This does not sit well with one other boy, who would quite like leadership and has a sharp knife to take it with.

He steals the beryl marked with a falcon which was only of moderate importance in the last book, but over the 2 generation legends have grown up around it. I like the way that every book in this series skips a generation, and ‘grandparent’s days’ are mostly forgotten or else very distorted, just like the real world.

Nameless boy finds a name under the falcon’s wing, nice bit of storytelling which is mostly ruined by sticking the name in the title. Of course all this falcon business leads to the Earlship, and everyone agrees that Oriel will be an excellent Earl. However, various plot twists occur, because Voigt is an excellent storyteller.

In further continuation of Previous Books, meet Beryl, the puppeteer. Her grand’da is someone we may have met already, but he’s not really part of the story.

Elske (Tales of the Kingdom, #4)Minor character from previous book grows old and dies among the Wolfers. Her grand-daughter Elske runs away, meets some men, becomes a servant, becomes a better servant, and learns that she has honor.

Also from last page of Previous Book: The baby that was destined to be Earl had a granddaughter, who now has to marry. There are many many plot twists.

Elske and the Granddaughter learn to trust each other, for the most part, and to work around each other’s egos.
Fun times.

Finished all four books and realize that there is no religion at all in any of them. Even though “Priests” are mentioned in the Kingdom, there are no ceremonies or rituals.

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