Magic Bites by Ilona Andrews

Magic Bites (Kate Daniels, #1)Reread. Awww, Miss Trouble With Authority meets Mr. “L’état, C’est Moi”. Fun.

It’s interesting to re-read the first book of a series after reading the first six. The seventh won’t come out for another few months. (Darn it, why can’t the author’s compress time and get me the book already!)

Kate has a secret to her past – there’s some kind of mystery around her dad and the guy who raised/trained her. Is he her actual dad or what?

I love the whole conflict between magic and tech. You can’t choose to be an expert in only one, because blam, it will stop working and you will be up the creek – unless you are so insanely powerful that you can keep the magic working during tech. Insanely powerful people tend to be insanely egotistic too, so it’s a pain that Kate has to work with them. Hi, Saiman and Ghastek! Nice to meet you, and see how very little you changed. (Insanely egotistical people tend not to, yeah?)

That Curran. He’s so darn annoying. And he has such fabulous self-control. No wonder Kate hates him, she does self-control all the time except for mouthing off. Curran has to weigh what he says. Argh. Control, except when he is talking to an aggravating mercenary who he will never have to meet once this crises is over. Furthermore, argh argh argh with a side of aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh. Hate him, the bastard.

Through the series, the more self control Kate develops, the better she likes this guy.

Kate is a fabulous fighter. So is Curran. They kind of admire each other, when they’re not busy hating on the uptight bastard/out of control mercenary.

As for plot – even though I knew what happened, I found myself racing to turn the pages and follow Kate through her adventures. Even when she is running around without a clue, looking for the murderer by hitting things.

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