Briar Rose by Jane Yolen

Briar Rose Read this book during daylight hours only. Yikes.

Grandma dies in a nursing home after a long and mostly happy life. What could be more normal?

Grandma’s two older grandchildren are embarrassed by her insistence that she is the Sleeping Beauty and she is a princess who once lived in a castle and slept until she was woken by the prince. Her third granddaughter, a redhead like grandma, investigates. And finds things out. Like, did Grandma come to America before or after WWII? And what was her actual name?

Odd note: lots of churches for a story starring a nice Jewish girl.
Internet note: It hadn’t been invented when this story was written. No cell phones, either.

Kissy-kiss check: the 3rd granddaughter is sort of in like? maybe? but let’s not hurry things? with her newspaper boss. They hold hands and maybe kiss. That’s it. In an extended flashback, a man tell how he slept in the arms of various men, with no further details. It makes me wonder how rate this book for kids too young for more than a kiss in their stories. If Granddaughter + Boss were sleeping in each other’s arms, I would hold it off for a few more years.

Found a bunch of Jane Yolen’s books and started re-reading. As one does.

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