Mythmaker by Tim Waggoner

Mythmaker (Supernatural, #14)Fun story. Gods coming to life is the stuff of comic books, and while this story had no pictures, the descriptions were absolutely wonderful.

No Spoiler Story-line: Sam and Dean are 2 brothers who battle the Monster of the Week and win.

Nice story technique: Sam’s flashback seems like spacing out and going to a better place in his memory, but it ends up helping in the moment.

Maybe a spoiler but certainly not a surprise: The gods coming to life are not, in fact, here to help humanity. *gasp* They are here to grab power for themselves.

Maybe a spoiler and actually a surprise: Given the facts of the TV show, I was surprised when the opening character, a man of color, survived the first chapter. In TV-land, non-white non-males usually get fridged.

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