Mirka Met a Meteorite & Caught a Fish by Barry Deutsch

How Mirka Met a Meteorite (Hereville #2)How would you like the witch to give you a twin – one who is smarter, better, faster than you? She’s really nice, though: she only wants half of Mirka’s life. Half her meals, half her classes, half her basketball games – how will a nice Orthodox Jewish girl get her life back?

And what does it mean that Mirka doesn’t like her better self very much?

Mirka starts the book with hating to knit (just like last book.) Knitting will be pretty important, later (just like last book).

Playing chess with her step-mother is sweet. I smite you with my mighty queen hammer, lowly pawn!

How Mirka Caught a Fish (Hereville #3)Mythology has a wisdom-fish that people try to catch. This isn’t it.

Mirka has to – oh the horror! oh the dread! don’t read any further!!! – babysit for an afternoon. She takes her little (half-)sister into the woods, chasing adventure. She finds adventure and loses her sister – Mirka is the worst babysitter ever.

We learn more about Mirka’ step-mother Fruma, formerly Fran, and Fran’s mother. How does Mirka keep meeting ghosts of people she never met?

Once again, problems are solved not by swordsmanship and strength, however badly Mirka wants to be a knight-hero, but by cleverness. My favorite.

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