Women’s Work: The First 20,000 Years by Elizabeth Wayland Barber

Women's Work: The First 20,000 Years Women, Cloth, and Society in Early TimesDo questions make a good review?
Why is making cloth women’s work? When did it become men’s work? How closely does the modern suit-and-shirt resemble the earliest form of clothing? What about other cultural forms of clothing?

Why shouldn’t hunting be women’s work, since some women hunted?

When is farming women’s work, and when is it men’s work? When did people start modifying grains and other foods to better suit humans, instead of leaving them in their wild state? When did people start modifying animals? How can archeologists figure out the various ways that people used the animals they kept? Which was domesticated first, horses or oxen or sheep? Who thought it was a good idea to modify sheep’s wool to the point that they can’t live alone in nature?

What were the first clothes that people wore, ever? What’s the point of a garment that covers basically nothing? At what point in history did clothing become exceedingly elaborate? Do a line of gold beads across a skeleton’s wrist provide more information than one might think? Did archeologists ever throw away important information because they thought a scrap of cloth was useless?

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