Graveyard Shift by Michael F. Haspil

Graveyard ShiftEgyptian Mummy teams up with Roman Vampire to fight crime. In modern-day Miami. Pardon me while I croggle.

OK, I’m back! Nonspoilery tidbits:
The worldbuilding in this book is wonderful, a rare treat from a debut novel. Kudos.

There’s a good starting scene where Alex (Alejandro) doesn’t tell his back-up that he isn’t afraid of vamps because a mummy doesn’t taste good. Hah.

Mummies can see ghosts? Sort of. And vamps create violent deaths that create ghosts, so mummies can see where vamps are committing murder. Cool.

The Reveal – vampires are real! – happened because human blood can now be made in the labs. All the Vampires Are Hawt books and movies helped, and were prob sponsored by vamps. (Conspiracy theory, anyone?) Werewolves and-or werecats are also real, but less talked about.

Any good drug will be spiked eventually: and when synthetic blood gets spiked, which side will the cops be on? Oooh, good question. Bigots are everywhere.

Mummies work day while Vampires work nights: nope! Mummies work around the clock. Vamps can work by day if they are very very (very very very) careful.

Church of Vampire Redemption: check! Aaaand, they just put in stained-glass windows. *snicker*

Obligatory Ancient Vampires Are Frenemies trope: check!
Ancient Vampires rule the world trope: nah, it’s too much work.

90% of women are described in terms of shmexiness. The first woman we meet spends about two pages slowly pulling on her shmexy stockings and putting on her shmexy makeup, but that’s OK! She’s really a cold killer just acting as bait. So it’s not like she’s a real slut or anything. The semi-naked and totes naked women later on are just victims. They don’t count either, they’re just window dressing!

0% of men are described in terms of shmexiness. It’s a little unbalanced. I guess all the female vampires are lesbian? or maybe women don’t need hawt guys as victims.


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