Glitter Girl by Stephen Webb

Glitter GirlPlot summary: popular girl is nice to people, then gets into a sponsored literal polarity contest in which there can be only one winner, and becomes mean.

Because you cannot, folks, be popular and nice at the same time! Never! Even if that’s what she did for the first few chapters. Popular girls are always mean! engrave that into your own flesh, folks, it is just that true.

Harry Potter & Truth:…

Popular Kat will host a GLITTER make-up party sponsored by the GLITTER make-up company. She is supposed to invite 50 people who really enjoy make-up and will therefor buy lots of GLITTER products. She wants to invite Best Friend Jules, but Jules isn’t really a make-up kind of girl. Jules knows she really isn’t a make-up kind of girl, but 50 invites = school-wide popularity contest, and she doesn’t want to be left out.

What if the two girls have a convo about this?
Popular Kat: I know this isn’t your thing, but you’re my besty and I want you, so can you come and not call people airheads for liking GLITTER?
Best Friend Jules: It’s not my thing, but can you invite me because I don’t want to feel left out?

Instead Jules gets left off the invite list and is only invited at the last minute, opening up a really nasty plot curve later on.

Later, GLITTER popularity show-down, on live TV, is re-scheduled to overlap with Jule’s public singing performance at the Renaisance Faire birthday party. What should Kat do? They fight, bec Kat is seriously conflicted. Hey! This is a serious time conflict even for adults, who can drive from here to there, give the kids a break.


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