Jews and Medicine: An Epic Saga by Frank Heynick

Jews and Medicine: An Epic SagaMedicine through the Ages – and the Empires.
This book covers the practice of medicine through most of the globe.

Start off with the health difference of nomads vs city life:
1. Eat what you have when you have it vs what keeps well : quantity vs variety.
2. Disease kills off the tribe but not the neighboring tribe vs kills and goes dormant and kills again.

Move through Egyptian Empire & Babylonian Empire. Moving right along, history!

Greek Empire: Plato, Aristotle, Galen (Father of Medicine). Many, many (many many) more names. Alexander the Great is only important for giving his name to the city housing the Library of Alexandria.

4 humors are blood, black bile, yellow bile, and phlegm. They are hot, cold, most, and dry, and you heal a person by balancing their humors. Bloodletting is important…. but Jewish medical practice was to NOT let blood on certain days of the week or month, so they used this bad practice less often.

(276) Dr. Paul Ehrlich in Germany discovered the cure for syphilis. Yay! Cotton Mather (see also: Salem witch trials) who had previously approved of the smallpox vaccine denounced this cure as a great evil. Oh, that doesn’t remind me of the 1980s and 90s, when a cocktail to cure the unmentionable disease was denounced left and right. Or 2017, when the highly effective HPV vaccine is left on the shelf for moral reasons.

Dr. Paul Ehrlich in Germany worked with Japanese people on 2 separate occasions. I didn’t know Germany had Japanese people in their universities! In other news, Padua University had always allowed Jews, so many German & Russian Jews did their doctorates there.

In 1911, Dr. Ehrlich discovered a cure for syphilis.
In 1914, he declared that Germany’s war was a waste of resources: Make war on germs, not people!

350 of 602: This is a very, very long book…
Napoleon is mainly important as someone who caused doctors to join the army, or as someone who let down the ghetto walls, or whose defeat turned Poland into a 3-way non-nation, and how did that affect Europe?
Each nation has it’s own chapter, because one can’t read about three countries simultaneously.

Next chapter: Sigmund Freud loves Vienna.

840: Medical doctors killed more mothers-to-be than Midwives: why?
Hungarian Dr Ignaz Semmelwis: because doctors are going straight from a
autopsies to the mothers and sticking their hands deep inside the birthing canal… without washing their hands first.

406 of 602
After WWI, nearly 1/6 doctors in German were Jewish doctors… plus more German doctors demobilizing from the army… too many doctors chasing too few jobs. The Nationalist Socialist Physician League backed Hitler for his jobs program…

453 of 602
Oxford University started allowing Jews to graduate in 1871. Meanwhile Scotland’s Leiden University had allowed Jews, Catholics, and Quakers since 1691.

It seems that the best place to culture life-saving penicillin is on … wait for it… spoiled cantaloupe.

Jacques Loeb, scientist and teacher working for the Rockefeller Foundation in 1910, believed that contrary to general thought, race does -not- indicate intelligence… and funneled Rockefeller money to Howard College for Negroes.
He did not particularly say that a brain is a terrible thing to waste, but he clearly believed it.

The book closes with WWII, but the epilogue mentions Stalin and the Doctors Plot. Also that Ottoman Palestine had zero hospitals, while (British) Baron Rothschild opened the Hadassah Teaching Hospital in 1843, with Dr. Simon Frankel from Upper Silesia… years before the British had any idea of Palestinian Independence.

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