Frosty the Dead Man by Christine Husom

Frosty the Dead Man (Snow Globe Shop Mystery #3)One extra star because I figured out the reveal on page 275 way back on page 30.
Four stars for the cozy-mystery crew of friends and for the way snow globes are absolutely integral to the plot (unlike book 2).

If Cami was suspected in book 1, and the help was suspected in book 2, then it’s Pinky’s turn to be a suspect in this book, right? Wrong! It’s Pinky’s turn for a romance! It doesn’t take up too much page time, but it sure is fun. Must have next book, to see where this goes! Next book is likely due in December, so snow-globe in the snow? maybe.

When someone smashes the mayor’s new snow globe over his head, it’s obviously a political move. Or a love interest. Or a family drama gone sour. So many suspects! Cami has several lists going on. (and I figured it out, yay me!)

Holiday season means plenty of work, and a temp worker – who has a bruise on the side of her face? From walking into a door frame? Hm, “uncle” better watch his step. New list: Is Miss Temp Worker lying about where she lives, a thief, abused and in need of help, afraid of police? If afraid, is theft or abuse or both the reason?

Who are all the weird customers, holiday shoppers or something more sinister?

Need the next book already.

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