Owl and the City of Angels by Kristi Charish

Owl and the City of Angels  (Adventures of Owl, #2)66 pages of non-stop archeologist searching for an artifact & on the run from killers, in the best Indiana Jones style. Only, Owl is a thief, and the killers are the archeology cops. Why are they set on kill instead of capture, like they’ve been since the first theft?

Something’s off.

Also, swapping the real deal with fakes! Curses! Mummys! Dragons! Vampires! Shapeshifting snake!
Someone buy me a few extra exclamation points!!!!

The Treasure Quest – massively multiplayer online game where players search digital archeological sites for treasure – might be the coolest concept in this entire book. (is it a real thing?) In a book with dragons, this is a tough achievement!

Owl claims not to like supernaturals, but she’s dating a succubus, working for a dragon, co-working with a naga who hates her, and gaming with an elf. So yeah, Owl, not so much with the self delusion, maybe? We can go right on hating vampires & sirens, though.

This is book 2 of 4, so far. I’m not interested in reading anything else in this series. Unless there are more dragons somewhere?

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