Delicate Monsters by Stephanie Kuehn

Delicate MonstersNo happy endings. No resolutions at all.

3 narrators take turns in this book:
I don’t like any of them enough to remember their names.
-One psychopath (a girl, tho they are usually men in literature),
-one possible psychopath (he only used to be evil, now he’s maybe reformed) and
-one alleged psychic who makes himself sick on purpose (it’s not hard, he’s allergic to everything).

The last two are brothers. They are both liars, tho they might be lying to themselves more than the reader. The older used to beat up on the younger quite a lot, or find less bruising methods of torture. The younger hurts himself, now, is he used to it? (that gets answered in the story.) Are his visions real, or based on horrible memories? (not answered).

The girl nearly killed a guy at her last school, now she’s attending the local public school. She remembers the older brother from the good old sadistic days, but somehow not the younger one. She quite likes the younger one, because he doesn’t bother lying to her.

These are teenagers. Sex happens. For her, it’s something she can take care of better on her own, but she’s willing to rub up with a guy if it will get her what she wants. For the older brother, it’s embarrassing – he has a Sleeping Beauty fetish. For the younger one, it seems to consist of slurs and threats of beatings by bigger guys, ie nearly everyone.

The guy she nearly killed texts her about it. Weird.
The closing scenes of the book are very tense, and believable in context of the story.

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