Purl Up and Die by Maggie Sefton

Purl Up and Die (A Knitting Mystery, #13)This isn’t a review of the story so much as a complaint about the basic premise: Someone we like[tm] in the knitting community has a son who was accused of sexual assault and Obviously Didn’t Do It [tm] because a) we like his mom! b) the plot setup is really obvious.

I hate the meme of false accusations, since memes make it seem that the thing is common in the real world, and false accusations are NOT COMMON. *beat the drum with me here, NOT COMMON*

On the other hand, it really is pretty common for Nice Guys[tm] to be sexual predators, and if you’re not part of their target population why shouldn’t they be nice to you? Predators are not all-around monsters, a successful predator has to blend into his environment to find prey better (mostly his, even if #notallmen). And predators can absolutely have nice moms. Many moms are nice!

Another false trope is that His Life Will Be Ruined By One Accusation. If one accusation is combined with several years of ‘we know he’s a creep but no one said anything official’ then yes, One Accusation [tm] will do it. On the other hand, look at campuses all around America that have professors coming out of the woodwork as serial predators who no one did anything about for years. And look at the show-biz business. And look at the book-publishing business. And look at the pro ball playing business. One person speaks up, gets called a liar, others speak up and get called gold-diggers and opportunist liars, and then the police show up and sometimes a guy gets arrested and sometimes not – either way ‘wimmin be liarz.’

I skipped large chunks of this book, but I wanted to know who did the murder – not who I expected.

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