History Meme in a SF Story!

Silence Fallen (Mercy Thompson) by Patricia Briggs: snippet commentary

Mercy passes by the Old-New Synagogue of Prague.  She wonders, an old-old synagogue?

LOL no, you’re coming at it from the wrong direction in history.

There is the Synagogue. Everyone prays there. The children grow up, and their children.  The Synagogue where everyone prays is too small, so must we start a New Synagogue.  It’s very modern, gas lights and everything. And every young couple prays there, and their children, and their children.

And behold!

The New Synagogue is too small, so we must start another synagogue, and in a fit of originality we will call it … The New Synagogue. It has electricity!

And now!

Prague has the Original Synagogue, the Old New Synagogue, and the New Synagogue.  Perfectly clear.  No Old-Old Synagogue at all.  No Old Synagogue, either. Just New. New and improved!


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