Whispers in the Night by Molly Tabachnikov

Whispers in the NightI can’t remember who recced this to me.
I opened up to a random story, it was about a guy who won’t be ‘the daddy’ to some other guy’s kid. Well, OK. And the kid complained that none of the other guys would be his daddy either, so he mutilated them. Um. Random guys don’t have to play the role of your daddy, kid?

Next story, a guy is friend-zoned, and the way to cure that is with a gun. Nope.

Next story, a hooker won’t (can’t) pay her drug debts so her pimp raped her sister. Raped-Sister kills Hooker-Sister – but not the man. Because the man’s actions are Sister’s fault.

Good bye, book, not what I’m looking for.

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