The Adventure at Simba Hill by Susan Runholt

The Adventure at Simba Hill (Kari + Lucas Mysteries, #3)Who could pass up a book with a spotlight on a cheetah sitting on a stack of suitcases? Not me, that’s who. (No cheetahs or lions were harmed in the making of this book.)

Two white teens head off to a dig at Simba Hill. Kari is an budding archeologist (also niece of archeologist) and her rich friend Lucas opens the book by showing off (under duress) the Archeology Outfit For The Modern Girl which her mom bought for her. The dialogue (texted & verbal) is marvelous. It sets the stage for a wonderful adventure.

Simba= Lion, and they plan to take lots of pix on their safari! and maybe find a mystery to solve. Because 2 white girls can surely solve mysteries that the native Kenyans cannot, right? This little trope is worked around when “the helpful natives” are Anyango & Sam, two very nice people who work full time, and can’t run around following up on the important clues they hear. However, they are saving up to marry each other. Very sweet.

Other Africans include a professor, friend of Uncle Professor, the clever driver, and the clever village chief who likes having a lot of money. Also various villagers and police.

Other Europeans include Maria the Professor’s potential love interest (she’s interested, he’s not), Reggie the hot air balloon pilot (Maria’s other love interest), and other archeologists.


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