Mystery List: The Good, the Bad, the Blah

The Good:
The Iced Princess (Snow Globe Shop Mystery, #2)The Iced Princess by Christine Husom

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Thanksgiving rush = need help. When Molly the Help = dead, it’s not much help at all.

The question is, since Molly was wearing Cami’s dress, who was the real target?
* Cami’s old boss, Madame Senator, who fired Cami for flirting with her husband
* Mr. Senator, who thinks ‘molest’ means ‘flirt’
* Some weird stranger who ducks into the store and ducks out again
* Emma – the other help, who has a secret past
* None of the above

The first book in this series had the Snow Globes as a significant plot thread.
In this book, any fragile item could be sold in the store and it would make no difference.

The Bad:

Needle and Dread (A Southern Sewing Circle #11)Needle and Dread by Elizabeth Lynn Casey

My rating: 1 of 5 stars

I love witty dialogue and snarky repartee.
Catty conversation is not either of these things.
Could not even finish the first chapter.

The Blah:

Death at First Sight (Bay Island Psychic Mystery #1)Death at First Sight by Lena Gregory

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Psychics! Solving mysteries! and stealing a very large dog she does not want? What? From the dead woman’s house? Shouldn’t the police be taking care of that?

Cass Donavan sees a dark shadow over Ellie’s future, something worse than her cheating husband. So she doesn’t say anything, and doesn’t charge for the session. Then we meet Ellie’s mom who is furious about her precious (adult!) daughter wasting time with a psychic. And bam, the mom turns up dead.

The list of suspects(tm) is long. The Designated Love Interest ™ is handsome but boring. The Gay Best Friend ™ checks off the list of stereotype check-boxes, but is entertaining. The cops are aggressive.

The idea is interesting, the mix is boring.

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