Lovecraft Country by Matt Ruff

Lovecraft CountryFirst of all, the cover: is it eldritch abomination with tentacles hanging down, or is it pointy white hoods coming up in the night? Yes. It is.

If you read Lovecraft, you probably know Mr. Braithwaite. I didn’t, so I met the sorcerer in this book. It took a while to realize he was a recurring and important character.

*Which is scarier, sorcerers of the Bright Lights from the Dawn of Time [tm] or long-lost white branch of the family that turn out to be racist sorcerers looking to sacrifice a new-found – and therefore disposable – family member?”

*If you have to retrieve something from a ghost… how can you pay for it?
This one was so, so sad. I guess horror also, but mostly sad.

*It is hard to read this book straight through, because some of the stories are delightfully weird and some are just a punch in the heart.”

*If a black woman could drink a potion and be a white woman for 15 hours, does she want to do it? (yes, or there’s no story.) But you know there’s going to be a catch… Mr. Braithwaite is not offering the potion out of the goodness of his heart.”

*Which is harder to deal with? Being the first black woman to move onto a 1960s white block, or moving into a house where the dead former owner has terrorized the last three white attempted homeowners into /leaving/ running right out the door and giving up their down payments?

But Ruby doesn’t take nothing from no one, and when Daddy’s gambling legacy is just the price of a down payment, she aint afraid of no ghosts.

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