Flashfall by Jenny Moyer

Flashfall (Flashfall, #1)Air is full of radiation poison. Water has little bitey things that want to chew threw your clothes and your skin and burn your blood. Food is basically paste in a tube. Miners have to mine the Miracle Metal to keep the Silver City safe… though they will never get to safety, barring a miracle.

Dystopia much?

No. It gets worse. Orion almost reached her miracle – keys to heaven – and gets thrown into hell instead.
Is that all? No.

Also, true love between parent-child, between siblings, between friends. No sex, a little kissing.
Also, true repentance from a guy who thought the kid would only get punished a little…
Also, Conjurers that can change sweat to drinkable water. Change anything into anything?
Also, superheroes don’t have to take down villains – sometimes they can grow flowers.
Also, Dad is a super-scientist and can secretly not-quite-cure some bad stuff.
Also, Mom (who is dead) knew some really bad words, we don’t get even to find out what it means.
Also, THE STARS. Never lose hope.
Also, Orion is a warrior besides a hunter besides star. That’s a heavy name, kiddo.

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