Heel and Toe Express

Walked to work. Still 1 hour, 5 min.

Things that make me walk faster:

  • Those annoying people chatting right behind me.
  • Waving at one of the other regular walkers, strangers who I see for about 15 seconds most days. Speed-walk for the win!
  • Telling myself a story as I walk.
  • Noticing that the traffic light is about to change, and its either run or wait forEVER AND EVER.
  • The patch of weeds that make me itch, move faster and escape1
  • The patch in front of that building that smells like weed, ugh.
  • The patch of shade, so cool.
  • Suddenly noticing that I’ve slowed down – move move move!
  • No books in my bag – hypothetical, I don’t remember it every happening. 😉

Things that make me slow down:

  • Excessive sunlight. So, so, hot.
  • Carrying the jacket I needed at the start of the walk, and I’ll need it at night.
  • Reaching the 1/4 mile point and wondering why I’m there yet 😉
  • A pretty garden, slow down to admire
  • That speed-walker who I was keeping pace with started jogging. Feh.
  • Walking and walking and walking and slowing down.
  • Carrying a bag with my books and lunch and WATER AND MORE WATER.

Library Walk vs Work Walk

  • Walking to the library instead of to work means carrying 2 bags of books.
  • They might be heavy (hard-covers vs paperback?  15 books vs 8?) but they’re balanced.
  • One bag of books in each hand and you’ve got a 15 minute weight workout.
  • Book Workouts for book nerds!


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