Knit One Pearl One (Jo Mackenzie, #3) by Gil McNeil

Knit One Pearl One (Jo Mackenzie, #3)In knitting, it’s spelled ‘perl’ but when it’s Jo’s adorable 15 month old, Pearl is also spelled Pearlie.

Disclaimer: I read the 1st but not 2nd of this series.
Also, I love when yarn and fabrics are an important factor in the story.

Each chapter is a month (or two) and we move with Jo from Jan to Dec, changing the yarn store window, dealing with school, dealing with the morning ready-for-school routine. Being firm about bad behaviors instead of yelling at the kids (most of the time). Having a good time by realizing the good bits happen in between aggravating bits.

*The snippy lady in the store, who is both an employee and -also- Jo’s boyfriend’s mom. Yikes.

*The good friend who has a better job in The City but doesn’t seem quite as happy.

*The Diva down the road who needs a knitting coach a) because its trendy and b) knitting is actually fun, who would have guessed.

*The PTA president who wants Jo to do an awful lot of (free) work, but is also visibly judgemental about baby#3 not having a proper daddy.

*Pearlie’s actual Daddy, who Jo won’t marry because he’s not dependable, and she already married a serial cheater, thanks anyhow. Jo won’t take his money in child-support (he’s quite wealthy) because as soon as she becomes dependent on it, the money will disappear. Maybe. Jo doesn’t trust daddies very much. He claims he set up a trust fund with monthly donations instead, for when Pearl grows up. Maybe. There’s no direct proof in-story, so who knows.

* Of course when the Daddy shows up, all rich and good-looking, the boyfriend is miffed. But what should happen, Pearl should never see her daddy? And the other two boys need to get used to him as a friend of the family. It’s not as if Jo doesn’t have a rich good-looking friend who is female, yeah?

Fun book. Fluffy but not complete fluff, if that makes sense.

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