Hunted by Meagan Spooner

HuntedBeauty and the Beast: The Beast needs a Hero & it seems that Beauty’s dad, Best Hunter [tm] turned merchant, is it. Only, not. As a merchant he got old (many hunters don’t) and slow (definitely not a good move for hunters) and had three daughters, the youngest very beautiful. Her two sisters love her very much, and they all bake bread together as ‘sister time’ even though they have plenty of servants to do the cooking and cleaning.

What if Beauty wasn’t the good and dutiful – and passive – daughter? What if she was a hunter just like dad, only she -used- to be a hunter like dad and now she’s got to put on pretty gowns and be a fine lady.

It doesn’t take very well. The story-line follows the familiar Beauty and the Beast, while completely not flowing at ALL. Disney, hide under the blankets, this is not a cheery sing-along situation. There’s a dragon in the story, who does not fulfill any of the traditional dragon roles.  I kept waiting, but hm, sometimes a dragon is just a dragon.

I like that, when Beauty leaves the Beast’s castle and goes home, a villager former friend looks at her dirt and bruises and delicately mentions another friend, an abused wife who would not leave her husband, and would Beauty like to really, really rethink her situation?
This girl-in-forest-with-cloak cover could be anything from Ye Olde Mystery to Historical Fiction


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