The Squire’s Tale by Gerald Morris

The Squire's Tale (The Squire's Tales, #1)I absolutely picked up this book because of the cover.

A boy who lives with a hermit meets Gawain, who wants to be a Knight of the Round Table. Terence and Gawain meet King Arthur (and Sir Kai! Hi, Kai!). As the knights eat dinner, the most extraordinarily ugly woman comes in and challenges the knights. Gawain and Terence go off to have adventures.

A lot of the story is funny, especially for someone who never read the King Arthur stories before. If you are familiar with the story – with any of the many, many variations – then some part of your mind will be busy comparing Gerald Morris’s version with what you already read. More of the story focuses on Terence, the child of mysterious parentage, than King Arthur. On the other hand, Sir Gawain has such lovely adventures. Terence has a great time hanging out with him, and it is a pleasure to read.

Terence meets his daddy and the step-family. Aww, daddy loves him so much.

When Sir Gawain meets the ugly woman again later in the book, he has to figure out: What do women really want? Sigmund Freud should have read about Sir Gawain, the Maiden’s Knight, it would have solved many of his issues. 😉

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