The Squire, His Knight, and His Lady by Gerald Morris

The Squire, His Knight, and His Lady (The Squire's Tales, #2)Sir Gawain and the Green Knight: A Wager: Today you chop off my head and next year I will chop off yours. But the Green Knight can stick his head back on, and Sir Gawain – not so much.

The first book in this series tightly focused on Sir Gawain of the Round Table finding adventure. In this book, the focus opens up in the beginning: The Knights of the Round Table are off to fight the Romans in France. Squire Terence pulls off a great prank that wins the war. This part of the story also makes it explicit that the Knights are Christian, not pagan – the previous book sort of glossed over the whole religion thing. (The ‘hermit’ might have been a Druid, for all the clarification in the text)

Since the Knights are so wonderful, French Knight Sir Lancelot decides to join the Round Table. King Arthur is married! And his wife Guinevere likes Lance better than Arthur. This makes Arthur very very sad. Everyone else like the colorful, fashionably dressed (French!) Lancelot better than Gawain, too. There is a new Best Knight in Town, how tedious for Sir Gawain – and for Squire Terence At Christmas dinner, with everything all dreary, a giant with green skin comes into the castle. (very open castle, they’ve got here!)

Sir Gawain and Squire Terence go off on another round of adventures, lots of fun. If you know the Green Knight story already, it is still fun 😉

Cameo: Irish Hero Cuchulain, who also had an adventure of ‘you cut off my head, then I cut off yours.’

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