The Last Changeling by Jane Yolen

The Last Changeling (The Seelie Wars, #2)Teens Prince Aspen and Midwife Snail alternate chapters. The Seelie and Unseelie kingdoms of fairy are going to war, and Aspen wants to stop them. Snail just wants to escape the dungeon. She keeps realizing that her life until now has not been so good, and she sees ways of maybe making it better.

Traveling with some actors surely has a way of changing perspectives, for both of them. Midwifing a troll-baby is also pretty life-changing for Snail – happened last book, but the consequences carry through. Lots of references to the previous book, but anything that affects the plot is clearly laid out, so I didn’t feel that I’m missing much.

Is there romance? No, but the prince goes google-eyed over a beautiful woman. There are no beautiful men for Snail to goggle at. Also, all the changelings – humans kidnapped into fairy-land – seem to be white.

Aspen and Snail learn a lot about themselves. They choose to take their real names toward the end of the book, instead of these nicknames.

Middle book of a trilogy: no major plot points are resolved. And I don’t care enough to pick up the other books in the series.

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