Fire Touched by Patricia Briggs

Fire Touched (Mercy Thompson, #9)The cover: if you ever want to fight something with a spear, the best idea is to wear something that exposes maximum skin from neckline to bikini-wax. (see also: Female Armor Sucks)

The story: Monsters are escaping from faerie land and a kid also escaped, is that a coincidence? The fight scenes are fun. The relationship scenes tend to be really boring – although the girl-bonding scene was pretty good. The kid who escaped from fairyland has some mega social cluelessness – is he a jerk (yes) or just ignorant (also yes)? He learns fast, which is a survival mechanism for those who live Underhill.

The Avon Lady showing up, and Mercy not knowing how to get her out because ‘mom of my kid’s friend’ is hilarious. Two teens bonding over ‘my mom is so embarrassing’ is a good way to get past ‘my mom is a shape-shifter’. It also introduces a running gag to the book.

Werewolves playing computer games int eh basement will never be not cute. Mercy Thompson getting out first because she’s going to bake cookies will never not be condescending.

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