The Black Wolves of Boston by Wen Spencer

The Black Wolves of BostonFunniest thing ever: Joshua is a newly turned werewolf at night in the big park. Rabbits smell delicious. Rabbits also can run and dodge like anything. 😉 Werewolf keeps running into trees. Poor hungry teen wolf. He can’t go home for

Meanwhile, the witchers (evil people, as distinct from witches who just want to get on with their supernatural lives) have killed some of Joshua’s classmates while hunting Josh. What makes him so special? Joshua can’t go home until they have stopped hunting him.

Decker the lonely vampire isn’t a hoarder with 200 years of junk… he just isn’t used to not having ‘people’ to deal with his stuff. Can a newly turned werewolf looking for a home help him deal with loneliness? And what about a vamp’s hunger – this isn’t the bloodier sort of feeding, but it’s really awkward for a 17 year old boy who’s new wolfiness makes him prone to cuddling ‘pack’ – people who make him feel safe.

This hilarious part of the plot is a good balance for the politics and mayhem between wolves, witches, and angels on the other plotline. The werewolf King is a new twist I haven’t seen before. The wolf princes and thanes also make this into Not Just Another Wolf story. Family, gotta love the jealousy….

There are 4 people who tell the story: 2 teens, 2 adults. 3 starting new relationships, 1 is growing into his responsibility.

I want the sequel RIGHT NOW, but Wen Spencer is writing several serieses (is that a word) and I want those other sequels right now ALSO. Spencer needs to clone herself to write faster.

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