Broken Soul by Faith Hunter

Broken Soul (Jane Yellowrock, #8)Rainbow dragons. RAINBOW DRAGONS who are right up close and personal with E=MC2. Shifting from solid matter to being-of-light is an amazing trick.

The rest of the book was OK. Not the best, not the worst. A solid adventure, but most of the characters are made of cardboard – high quality, best stock, but they don’t change from book to book. It makes it a little hard to place each book within the series, all the sameness.

One change, it is interesting to watch Jane learn how to be a team player, and even a team leader, instead of running in and bashing the Monster of the Week.

Jane Yellowrock continues to be a bad-ass fighter, she is integrating a little more with her Beast, and of course there are drawbacks to that. The vamps continue to keep secrets, and it continues to bite Jane, their alleged security chief of staff, in the worst possible time. (hint, never keep secrets from your security or your lawyer)

In other news, she is getting over Ricky-Bo’s betrayal, dumping her for another cat-shifter. And she is falling in love with Bruiser, who is taking time to court her and her Beast. Possibly the best moment in the book is when he gives her a bouquet of scentless flowers completed with some catnip. Beast is in love 😉

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