The Sandman: Endless Nights by Neil Gaiman

The Sandman: Endless NightsIn this Sandman story, Morpheus has a story & the new Dream has only a bit part in only one story.
* Death’s story is amazing: she’s waiting for Death to be allowed onto an island so people can die.
* Desire – if you want someone really, really badly, don’t settle for a one night stand.
* Dream has a girlfriend. Desire introduces her to someone else. (WHY is Desire so mad at Dream?)
*** The absolutely amazing artwork makes this a completely original idea.
* Despair. Oh, poor Despair. These are the saddest set of short-shorts ever. Not bad. Just sad.
* Delirium got lost and can’t find her way out – so the new Dream calls upon the forces of Delirium.
* Destiny is a non-story story.
* Destruction takes care of Delirium and they combine to make an amazing story.

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