The Stars Are Legion by Kameron Hurley

The Stars Are LegionWorld is actually a World-ship. Cool! And its not the stars but the word-ships that are legion. Also cool. And some are at war, or at least at severe politics, with each other. Nice set up.

The hero has amnesia! my favorite thing! The answers are on the world-ship she and her family are trying to conquer. Best opening ever. This is all so fresh and new. Except for the actual world, which is so damaged that everyone goes hungry and more than half the people have cancerous growths.

General spoilers ahead, or possibly trope spoilers.
A woman is given in marriage to seal a peace contract which, surprise, doesn’t work.
The healer turns killer.
There are levels under the main level, which is -known- since garbage is thrown down, but there are also unknown levels and entire civilizations that never meet. How is this possible?

And, wait for it, in the mid-levels there are mutants. I hate when mutants are just monster-of-the-plot-device. Why mutants in middle? If there’s damage from the core, shouldn’t mutations start at the core? If the outer shielding is failing, shouldn’t mutations start at the upper level? Nope. Mutations are in middle because that’s where Our Hero needs a fight.

Also: Bechdel test asks if there are more than 2 women in the story… what do you call a story with no men? non-standard.



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