Wolf Who Rules (Elfhome, #2) Wolf Who Rules by Wen Spencer

Wolf Who Rules (Elfhome, #2)super fast-paced story. Tinker and Wolf are married, and the adventure continues.

Tinker has to save the world, and she has to do it with a broken arm and attacks on her dreams while she’s sleeping. Apparently ‘see the future’ and ‘share dreams’ have a downside.
Exhaustion is even worse than broken bones. A former friend who has delusions of marrying Tinker adds plenty of aggravation to the mix.

Meanwhile Wolf has to save the world while dealing with an ex-girlfriend who thinks Wolf would make a great widower, a cousin jealous of his Viceroy status, and a powerful warrior who had been tortured to insanity. With help like this, who needs enemies?

Tinker gets so tangled up that mid-book, she has to stop and count on her fingers: Sunday I saved the world, Monday I did this, Tuesday I did that, Wednesday is today – is today Wednesday? Does the world need saving again?

Tinker’s biggest complaint is that her husband has no time to talk to her, and she has to get information about his doings from newspapers. Almost as bad – she finds out about her -own- actions in the papers, or at least the public view of it. It really weirds her out, since before this the only time she was in the papers was as the racetrack driver for Team Tinker.

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