Poison Princess by Kresley Cole

Poison Princess (The Arcana Chronicles, #1)It’s the end of the world, and here is someone with a lantern in the window. And hot chocolate! Evie is delighted. Where’s the catch? No catch, honey, just tell me about yourself.

Nice set-up, Kresely Cole.

Several chapters tell us how Evie has been seeing visions of the end of the world, was sent to a ‘debutante’ school for fixing up her brain. Let’s not tell anyone the truth, hm? or why Evie really didn’t send e-mails to anyone all summer. She had no access to her phone or the internet. And let’s not talk about sweet old evil granny, either.

Evie has a wonder girl-friend and a bland football-captain boyfriend. Will she or won’t she? She doesn’t want to, but she’s gotta hang on to the boyfriend and be ‘normal’ as hard as she can, so maybe. I like the way the narrative looks at the options has, and the pressure to be ‘pure’ vs the pressure to -not- to be pure.

There’s the hot bad-boy who has an interesting story of his own.

Then its the end of the world as we know it, and some of Evie’s people die and some don’t. Well, that narrows down her choices.

22 teens develop super-powers based on the major arcana (pronounced are-CANE-uh, I had to look it up) of the Tarot, and in the grand tradition of storytelling, “there can be only one.” Does that mean this series will be 22 books long? No, a few superpowers will die each book. (relief!) Will Evie hide from her new powers or take fullest advantage of them? It’s a tough call.

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