Game by Barry Lyga

Game (Jasper Dent, #2)This is very much the 2nd of a trilogy – it won’t make much sense if you didn’t read the first, and it ends with all the protagonists on a cliffhanger.

Jazz wants to get back to a normal life but a NY cop asks for help with a really weird serial killer. He flies out, does some analysis, gets some right and some wrong, and is altogether arrogant.

Connie loves NY because she’s not the only black girl in town. And she finds a clue! Also her parents are mad that she goes off with her boyfriend to NY, surprise surprise.

Meanwhile Howie is back in the boonies, and you’d think that’s the safe option, even for a hemophiliac…

Jazz’s dad Billy Dent the psycho killer is calling the shots i more ways than one. Barry Lyga does not spend to much time dwelling in the brain of the various killer in the story, which I appreciate.

Fun book, fast action, but Jazz needs to get over himself.

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