Just One Damned Thing After Another by Jodi Taylor

Just One Damned Thing After Another (The Chronicles of St Mary's, #1)That book went by fast. Luckily, there’s already more!

In 10 pages, I’m invested in the main character and charmed by the supporting cast. I have also found out that we do not do -time travel-, thank you very much, we study historical events in a contemporary fashion. And hardly anyone ever dies. Mostly.
It’s just one adventure after another, from training to going back to the Blitz to ancient Egypt to the dinosaurs. Because what’s the point of a time machine if you can’t risk getting eaten by a dinosaur? The most important thing to remember about treasure is that, if you’ve got it, someone else wants it. Of course there is an enemy in the timeline. And of course the enemy has a history with Our Heroes.

Is an enemy always the enemy? Or are they jsut self-centered as a spinning top? One character in this book reminds me of Elaida Sedai fro the Wheel of Time, where her ideas about making herself more and more important are causing her Tower to self-destruct. And yet, both this character and Elaida are not the great enemy, just the selfish wrecking ball we love to hate.

Our Heroes are not monolithic good guys. One the best, OK worst but beautifully written, is when Max just saved the day, is half starved, exhausted, not fully recovered from a chest infection, and her partner storms into her room and trash-talks her. Say what, dude? There’s a reason your mom told you to count to 10 before you speak in anger. *facepalm*

There’s a real ‘full steam ahead’ attitude in this book, to the point that at one raging moment Max says, “I gave you five years and this is how you treat me?” This made me go back and look for those five years. A year for training, and then a few adventures – where were the five years? I didn’t see it.

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