The Queen of Blood by Sarah Beth Durst

The Queen of Blood  (The Queens of Renthia, #1)Daleina is a perfectly ordinary girl until wood goblins destroy her village. The village is actually grown from a tree, and when the the goblins pull the houses apart, people fall about a mile down the the ground. Only Daleina’s family is spared because stress causes her to manifest goblin-controlling ability.

Of course, this means that she’ll apprentice to the local witch and eventually go to the royal academy, training to be the Magical Queen’s Heir, where she… does really badly? Apparently she works best when her friends are helping her. The teachers are not impressed. And how will she manage when she goes out on her own? Still, Daleina is never letting the goblins tear homes apart again, so she will persevere. Meanwhile, one friend says she is totally in this for the power. Daleina & Friend are each sure the other feels as she does and in ‘just saying’ something others want to hear….

In other news, the Magical Queen who is supposed Keep The Kingdom Safe From Goblins ™ is not a nice person. And not doing her job well, either. Ranger Ven is in disgrace becasue he pointed this out… but he still has a way to do his job. And when Ven teams up with Daleina, things get weird.

PS, remember Daleina’s ambitious friend? Keep an eye out for her, she’s going places. Snerk.

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