Dreamseeker by C.S. Friedman

Dreamseeker (Dreamwalker, #2)Last book, (not really a spoiler), Jess’s house burns down and her Mom inhales a ton of smoke. This book: Quest to Heal Mom! Except that the healer lives in an alternate universe. Jess can travel, but she doesn’t have alternate-cash. But she does have someone who wants a favor from her!

OK, contacting someone and arranging a meeting and figuring out who you can trust and who will trick you = lots of plot twists. And what’s the deal with that cute boy from last book? He has his own chapters, but never meets Jess!!!!!eleventy!!!!! Are they allowed to publish YA novels without a romance element? But that boy has serious parent-issues of his own. Yikes. (that also means that boy-hands-girl-the-sun on the cover is not a Thing in the book)

A fun read.

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