1920: America’s Great War by Robert Conroy

1920: America's Great WarAlternate History! WWII never happened… nobody killed Hitler but Germany won The Great War fairly quickly. Then took over most of Europe, Africa, and Mexico. /Lebensraum/, folks!

We meet some war-greats of WWII as younger men, fighting Germans on the home-soil, coming up from Mexico. No women want to fight – except for Amelia Earhart and a few women wearing bulky ‘no females here’ jackets. The Author’s Note in the back mentions a few things that would not have happened if America had never joined the Great War, but other things are exactly the same. Oh well. For instance there seem to be no black people in the book – only whites and Mexicans.

This book was… not completely awful. I read it all the way through, no book-meets-wall scenes.

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