Just Killing Time by Julianne Holmes

Just Killing Time (Clock Shop Mystery, #1)Clocks! That’s a new one for mysteries. “Just Killing Time” feels rather like a well-done Dick Francis mystery. Congratulations, Julianne Holmes. That’s very well done for a debut novel.

Ruth Clagan has been estranged from the clock-fixing grandpa who raised her ever Ruth married the jerk. Then grandma died and grandpa re-married a nice lady. NOOO. Now Ruth got rid of the jerk and wants to reconcile with her granddad – but he just died under mysterious circumstances. And he left her the clock shop which she worked in as kid and young teen. AND her job in the museum might be cut for lack of funding. So does she want to work in the shop or fight for her museum job? And can she keep making her own beautiful clocks? Nice set-up!

Whodunnit? The clues are well done, but i didn’t guess until the big reveal.

There are plenty of potential hot dates around town, but Ruth is grieving and not interested in dating. Let’s see what happens next book – which I definitely want to read.

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